Unleashing technologies to foster for better futures.

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future."
Victor Hugo

Exa Futures develops innovative solutions in the digital sector, focusing on the development of technologies which enable content personalization based on a better digital understanding of people's profiles.

Exa Futures is proudly based in the lovely land of Italy.

The company's founder and CEO is Giu D'Antonio:
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Address: via Durini 26
20122 Milano (Italy)
P.IVA: 09428400965
Share Capital: Euro 10,000

Our flagship technology is demonstrated through the deployment of the world's richest interest-based network, CircleMe. Over one million interest-pages to which people can 'connect' to in order to personalize their content experience through our web and mobile platforms.

CircleMe has connected on a 'virtual graph' millions of nodes which represent any interest people might develop in life. On this graph, we have built on a social network and a huge collection of content, from articles, to videos, events and much more.